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Selenium Benefits for Optimal Health

Selenium Benefits for Optimal Health

Selenium Promotes Longevity & Regulates Thyroid Function

The thyroid gland is characterized by a high concentration of selenium (Se), which is incorporated into the selenoproteins. Adequate selenium uptake (Se) is essential for the proper production and action of essential antioxidant enzymes.

Selenium a necessary trace element for the good health of the body!

Selenium (Se) is a basic micronutrient with great metabolic significance. It is a powerful antioxidant that contributes to good functioning of the immune and thyroid gland.


Its antioxidant action is enhanced when selenium (Se) is combined with vitamin E


Selenium (Se) was the essential enzyme component for glutathione peroxidases (GPx). In particular, it was the first series of proteins where it appeared to incorporate selenium in the form of selenocysteine ​​at their catalytic center and from this the association with the antioxidant activity of selenium was created and based.


The glutathione peroxidases

They are well known for their ability to catalyze the reduction of hydrogen peroxide and organic hydroperoxides. Therefore, they protect cells from oxidative destruction.

They are also responsible for the protection of the thyroid gland due to their ability to neutralize the excess free radicals produced during normal thyroid hormone synthesis.



Where Selenium can be Found;


It occurs almost in every cell of the human body, but most of it is found in the liver, kidneys and muscles.


Most of it is found in tissues in the form of selenocysteine ​​and selenomethionine.

⇝ Selenomethionine is the selenium storage form

⇝ Selenocysteine ​​is the biologically active form of selenium


Selenium (Se) is incorporated into the body with a large number of vital proteins, which after their incorporation are renamed to selenoproteins.

Selinoproteins are characterized by a significant antioxidant effect, contributing to the antioxidant defense of the thyroid, because they neutralize the free radicals generated during the production of thyroid hormones. In fact, selenocysteine ​​is a component derived from several selenium proteins.


Under normal conditions, selenium (Se) in selenocysteine ​​is almost completely ionized and is therefore an extremely effective biological catalyst.



Ways Selenium Benefits the Human Body


Selenium (Se) is also an essential ingredient for those proteins and enzymes required in a variety of biological functions, such as:


➭ antioxidant defense

➭ shaping the inflammatory response

➭ the production of thyroid hormones



Selenium Deficiency


Selenium deficiency is capable of causing biochemical changes capable of leading to the development of certain diseases.


In particular, selenium deficiency is able to reduce:

➾ thyroid hormone synthesis

➾ the function of the selenoproteins


A reduced production of thyroid hormones leads to an increase in TSH production

TSH stimulates iodothyronine deiodinases to convert T4 to T3, with subsequent production of hydrogen peroxide, which is not sufficiently removed from the less active glutathione peroxidases and therefore accumulates in the thyroid tissue causing thyroid cell damage with subsequent fibrosis.


More specifically, reduced seroprotein production:

➤ directly affects the repair of DNA

➤ reduces any type of immune and anti-inflammatory response of the organism and is therefore associated with a higher incidence of disease.



Selenium as a Nutritional Supplement


The human body is designed to recognize and use metals only through bioavailable forms. The body cannot metabolize synthetic and isolated forms of selenium in the same way that the minerals of plant sources can be exploited.


Research shows that organic bound forms of selenium, such as selenomethionine and selenium enriched yeasts, have the ability to be better absorbed by inorganic forms.


Indeed, recent studies in adults have shown that selenium-enriched yeasts (Se) can offer even more benefits compared to other enhanced organic bound selenium forms.



Scientific Data


Clinical studies have demonstrated the beneficial benefits resulting from supplemental selenium (Se) administration:


✓ It contributes to the health of the immune system, because it increases the resistance to infectious bacteria and viruses


✓ Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system


✓ It plays an important role in the control of thyroid hormones


✓ Protects against oxidative stress


✓ Helps maintain hair and nail physiology


✓ Protects the entire body from the toxicity of heavy metals



The SelenoPlus Formula thanks to its composition helps

protect cells from oxidative stress and normal thyroid function


The SelenoExcell® patented formula in the SelenoPlus formula provides the best and more bioavailable form of selenium.


SelenoExcell® High Selenium Yeast with the protein structures formed during the fermentation process includes several selenium compounds, via amino acids, including selenomethionine (SeMet).


Organically bound metals are proportional to the forms present in the foods and have shown greater bioavailability and lower toxicity compared to inorganic selenium (Se) forms.


This organically bound form of SelenoExcell® selenium contains 5 key enzymes.


These key enzymes protect DNA from oxidative stress and excessive free radicals that are able to reduce the body's ability to support a healthy immune system.


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