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Liposomal Formulas Liposomal Formulas

Doctor’s Formulas Philosophy


Originally incorporated in 2013, generating innovative and high-quality health formulas.

Doctor’s Formulas is one of the fastest growing companies in Greece, with international presence and export activities all over the world.


The products of Doctor’s Formulas are the result of years of cooperation and research between doctors and pharmacists. The excellent quality of raw materials, combined with the appropriate dosage, help achieve the best result.


Each product of the series contains natural and herbal ingredients which aim at a specific health problem. Researched and effective, Doctor's Formulas products are health formulas which help you protect your body in a natural way.

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Liposomal Technology ensures high Vitamin B12 absorption
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How do PUFA supplementation aids in Eyes Oxidative Damage

How do PUFA supplementation aids in Eyes Oxidative Damage The Eye, Oxidative Damage and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Polyunsaturated fatty acids (PU …

Omega 3 Faaty Acids & Night Vision

Το δοκοσαεξανοϊκό οξύ (DHA) είναι ένα πολυακόρεστο λιπαρό οξύ που βρίσκεται στα ιχθυέλαια, το οποίο είναι γνωστό ότι υπάρχει σε υψηλές συγκεντρώσεις σ …

Can Magnesium Enhance Exercise Performance?

Magnesium (Mg) is an essential mineral that plays a critical role in the human body. It takes part in the process of energy metabolism and assists the …

Vitamin C in Stem Cell Biology

Vitamin C in Stem Cell Biology: Impact on Extracellular Matrix Homeostasis and Epigenetics Transcription factors and signaling molecules are well-know …

Η φλεγμονή χαμηλού βαθμού ως βασικός μεσολαβητής της παθογένεσης της οστεοαρθρίτιδας.

Παραδοσιακά, η ΟΑ έχει θεωρηθεί ως διαταραχή που επηρεάζει τον αρθρικό χόνδρο. Ωστόσο, γνωρίζουμε τώρα ότι αυτή η διαταραχη επηρεάζει ολόκληρη την δομ …

Vitamin D is the most essential supplement for the winter season!

Vitamin D & Winter Season Vitamin D is not only a regulator of bone and metal metabolism but also a powerful immunomodulator. It regulates the h …

Glucocorticoid hormones

What and how much we eat might change our internal clocks and hormone responses For the first time, a study shows how glucocorticoid hormones, such a …

Διατροφική Υποστήριξη Αθλητών

Η καθημερινή διατροφή του αθλητή πρέπει να εξυπηρετεί :   ► Τη συνεχή προμήθεια / αναπλήρωση του οργανισμού με την απαραίτητη ενέργεια, προκειμένου να …

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