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Liposomal Technology ensures high Vitamin B12 absorption

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a very common problem among people of all ages and ethnicities that may cause some serious health problems if left untreated. Traditionally intramuscular injection of B12 was the most common way of treatment, although in recent years a lot of studies have shown that oral supplementation is also effective.

Liposomal vitamin B12 has ideal physicochemical characteristics

(i.e. size around 450nm and positive surface charge)

Namely, we evaluated how does liposomal supplementation affect B12 levels in participants of this study. For this reason, we organized a case series study. The aim of this investigation is to measure the effect of liposomal B12 supplementation in the bloodstream and to evaluate the reproducibility of this effect regardless of lifestyle choices, medication and basic biometric differences between people taking the supplement. We contacted a case series study in a sample of 53 people above 50 years old with a baseline of B12 below 225μg/ml and we measured their B12 levels 1 week after the treatment start, 1 month after treatment and 2 months after treatment with liposomal B12 supplement sublingually administered 3 times per day providing a total of 1000μg of methylcobalamin daily.

Liposomal B12 supplementation was found effective in a very short period of time, which is very beneficial for patients.

Vitamin B12 levels have been significantly increased by a median of 54.68% in the first week of treatment, 105.51% in the first month and 270% after two months of treatment. B12 levels increase was found not to be relevant to demographic, biometric, medical treatment and lifestyle factors. Further studies may also be useful to evaluate whether liposomal B12 supplements are superior to conventional supplements and what their possible role in the treatment of patients with B12 deficiency is.

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