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The New VITAMIN D3 Liposomal Formulation

The New VITAMIN D3 Liposomal Formulation

How much of the Vitamin D you get reaches its target?


Introducing the New Vitamin D
with Advanced Liposomal Technology from Doctor's Formulas

Because of the liposome carrier, Vitamin D penetrates the cells of the body, ensuring maximum absorption!
Boost your immune system with the power of Liposomal Vitamin D from Doctor's Formulas.

! The Future of Nutritional Supplements is Here !

NEW Liposomal Formula VITAMIN D3 2500IU is a dietary supplement containing 2500 units of vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol),
which helps maintain normal blood calcium levels, but also in the normal state of the bones.

Liposomal shaping technology results in greater absorption and bioavailability
of active substances and vitamins.


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