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Beneficial Effects of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Beneficial Effects of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 Fatty Acids Have Powerfull Health Benefits

Most people know that marine Omega-3 fatty acids are incredibly important, due to their health benefits.


A 2012 study showed that Omega 3 components not only are able to stop the inflammation in the beginning, but also can actively treat the inflammation that is already present.


There are few nutrients that have been studied as thoroughly as Omega 3.


After almost a decade of intense research and discovery, scientists have uncovered a type of molecules capable of regulating inflammation, which adds an entirely unique dimension to the list of beneficial benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids derived from fish oils.


A diet rich in marine Omega 3 fatty acids can reduce the overall burden of inflammation in the body by reducing the production of some substances that are being released during the inflammatory response.


Scientists have discovered the role of chronic inflammation in causing illnesses and their accompanying symptoms, that may occur with age.



New Findings Update the Beneficial Benefits of Marine Omega-3

Although many studies were able to demonstrate the multiple health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids for body and brain, scientists have now reveal the exact way on how they work within the body to produce these results.


Researchers at the University of California-San Diego have published a pioneering study to show how fish oil works within the cell, in order to produce its anti-inflammatory effects.


This discovery is so great that it is likely to change even the way we perceive the inflammation.



Omega-3 and Acute Inflammation

While scientists were studying the acute inflammation, they noticed the production of these small molecules that were released in response to it. Indeed, their presence coexisted in those models that had high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.


These small molecules had a double action!

1st They sent a "stop signal", quickly putting an end to the inflammation that is developing

2nd Triggered the active analysis of inflammation


Consequently, only if there is an abundance of Omega-3 in our system, the body will be able to produce the necessary "tools" to fight and resolve the acute inflammation, almost immediately after it is created.


Important Note: The acute inflammation is beneficial to the body.  Without it, wounds and infections would never be cured.



What are Pre-Inflammatory & Post-Inflammatory Molecules?

Inflammatory pro-inflammatory mediators are essentially "cellular combat troops," capable of attacking and even destroying "invaders" (such as micro-organisms or cancer cells).


Once "temporary inflammation" takes care of the problem, then the body releases a set of small molecules responsible for inactivating the inflammation before it even escapes control.


It is still one of the body's control and balance systems.


These meta-inflammatory molecules eliminate the dying tissue, absorbing excessively inflammatory waste, promoting healing.


These are specific molecules and are called pre-analytical molecules.


  • The first of these pre-assay molecules studied were called lipoxins.
  • Later, other members of the family, called resolvins and protectins (ie, capable of resolving and protecting), were discovered.


Each of these molecules provides different but overlapping functions as well as the active resolution of acute inflammation.



Omega-3 and Chronic Inflammation

The system can function nicely under normal conditions, ie acute inflammation, but this is not the case with chronic inflammation.


In chronic inflammation, instead of the predicted "controlled analysis," inflammation continues to exist at a reduced but active level.


Chronic inflammation is an out-of-control inflammation and is usually the result of reduced pre-assay levels.


Studies have shown that people with diseases including chronic inflammation have reduced pre-assay levels. Other studies have shown that these pre-assay molecules abruptly decrease with age.


In fact, this deficiency is now recognized as one of the main reasons we are suffering more and more from chronic inflammation as we age.


By resuming the levels of pre-assay molecules in normal, treatment can also begin immediately, but many inflammatory processes can be resolved.


Therefore, the best way to restore these levels is to get omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils, which in turn will increase their levels within the body.



Omega-3 to combat chronic and acute inflammation

Pre-assay molecules are produced in response to a high concentration of omega-3!


Resolvins and Protectins are formed directly from marine Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.


Interestingly, beneficial lipoxins are formed from arachidonic acid, but they also need high concentrations of omega-3 to produce them.


Filling the body with precursor molecule precursors, such as EPA and DHA contained in Doctor's Formula fish oil formula ESAKOR, will give the body what it needs to create these essential molecules directly into cells where they need it the most.


This is a powerful way to directly affect some of the most common diseases of aging, as well as the battle of age-induced inflammation.

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