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ARTENORM - The new product for optimal Heart Health

ARTENORM - The new product for optimal Heart Health




The beneficial effects of the Mediterranean diet are attributed to:

  • The high relationship between unsaturated and saturated fatty acids in olive oil
  • The antioxidant property of phenolic compounds.


Many epidemiological studies have shown that the Mediterranean diet is associated with a

lower incidence of atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancers.


The main phenolic compounds, hydroxytyrosol, and oleuropein, which give extra virgin olive oil, its bitter, spicy flavor, have strong antioxidant activity both in vivo and in vitro.


The potential beneficial effects of these compounds are due to their antioxidant action as well as to their anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action.


Phenolic compounds from virgin olive oil have been shown to be highly bioavailable. Indeed, two studies have shown that oilseed is directly absorbed after oral administration.


Since the second half of the 20th century, many medical studies have been carried out on the beneficial effect of oleuropein and its effect on human health. It was discovered in 1908 in olive oil, and it got its characteristic name from the olive (Olea Europea).

The pharmacological properties of oleuropein are as follows:

• antioxidant,

• anti-inflammatory

• anti-atherogenic

• anti-cancer

• anti-microbial

• antivirus


In addition, it has been shown that oleo-European has a strong cardioprotective effect against the acute cardiotoxicity of Adriamycin. It also has anti-ischemic and hypolipidemic properties.


It is noteworthy that in November 2011 the European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave official approval for the supply of oleuropein,

in the form of a nutritional supplement, for specific indications.


Certain formulations with this beneficial substance already circulate in Germany with indications such as:

  • support for cardiovascular functions
  • cholesterol regulation
  • protect the vessels from atherosclerotic plaques
  • Stabilization of glucose levels
  • antidiabetic action


Finally, in the United States since the 1960s, it has been proposed to treat hypertension.


The new product of Doctor's Formulas ARTENORM contains the titled dry extract of Benolea® olives,

which helps maintain normal blood pressure and support the functions of the cardiovascular system.


Benolea® is a unique ingredient extracted from olive leaves (Olea Europea L.) and is formulated to contain only the correct types of polyphenol compounds, and in the right proportions, to support cardiovascular health. It is also clinically proven, safe and effective. It is a powerful antioxidant capable of protecting the blood vessels from cellular damage caused by free radicals.


Additionally, two clinical studies confirm the positive effects of Benolea®, both in cardiovascular functions in general and in the management of blood pressure.


In conclusion, ARTENORM can contribute to:

✓ Healthy Blood Pressure Levels

✓ Vascular Protection

✓ Healthy Levels of Total Cholesterol and Triglycerides

✓ Glucose Control




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